Please read our Igetspot Master Agreement below before proceeding to the next step. By registering yourself as Igetspot Master, you have agreed on the terms and conditions provided below:

This i get Spot Master Agreement applies to PT Global Mediacom, Tbk as the “First Party” and you (i get Spot Master) as the “Second Party” in terms of use for i get Spot services.

  1. Igetspot services is mobile app services which access is provided for individuals with certain expertise in creative service the First Party verifies as a Master.

  2. Igetspot services requires the Second Party to accept projects and make transactions electronically. The Second Party must take notice that the use of electric transaction bounds to terms and agreement from in-house or any third party that provides electronic payment services. This submission also applies to issues regarding cancellation, penalty, contract, policy, and others. To avoid errors, you are personally responsible to provide a kind of hardware or software to keep your electronic receipts recorded and managed. The First Party is not responsible for any mistake caused by human error such as mistyping.

  3. Igetspot services enables open features that allow the Second Party to upload personal materials (including links to third party) on open-for-public areas on Igetspot app. The Second Party needs to acknowledge that Igetspot is a worldwide, open mobile app and hereby requires non exclusive license to use any material published on the app without compensation or royalty for the Second Party.

  4. The Second Party is obliged to be responsible for their personal uploaded content, and must not violate nor infringe any code of law, such as containing virus, harmful, and sexual content. The First Party respects intellectual and property rights of the contents uploaded on i get Spot, thus, the Second Party must not use any content whose copyright belongs to another party, either fully or partially, without formal permission from the copyright owner. Any content that misconducts trade mark, service mark, copyright, patent, and other proprietary rights will be taken down and given penalties according to the law. The Second Party shall disclose any personal data and information truly and accurately to the First Party, if there are any untrue or inaccurate data or information, the Second Party shall bear any loss or damage of the First Party.

  5. If the Second Party is proven to engage in any illegal, fraudulent, criminal, and/or manipulative activity using Igetspot features, the First Party is given the rights to conduct penalties following our terms and conditions and under protecting body of law available in Indonesia.

  6. The First Party has the right to hold or remove any published material that may not require notice or permission from the Second Party. The First Party also holds the right to monitor any content submitted by the Second Party on Igetspot app in order to investigate and take action on any apparent and reported misconduct of terms and conditions including, but not limited to, account termination and lawsuit.

  7. By using Igetspot services, the Second Party have agreed with the terms and conditions written above, which will regulate Second Party’s use of the application both as a Talent and as a user.

  8. The First Party may disclose the confidential information to the officers, directors, agents, employees, affiliates, representatives, advisers and/or legal counsel of the First Party without requires any permission from the Second Party.