By registering yourself as i get Spot user and using i get Spot mobile application, you have agreed on the terms and conditions provided below:

This i get Spot User Agreement applies to PT Global Mediacom, Tbk as the First Party and you (i get Spot user) as the Second Party in terms of use for i get Spot Services.

i get Spot
  1. i get Spot is a digital marketplace service developed and run by PT Global Mediacom, Tbk. This mobile app allows you to explore creative services provided by verified Masters from a wide array of expertise ranging from art, fashion, beauty, F&B, entertainment, to wellness.

  2. The Second Party needs compatible internet access, device, and operating system to use services from the First Party. The service may require intermittent updates that may further affect the performance of mentioned factors. If the Second Party agrees to the note above, these changes of performance will be the responsibility of the Second Party.

  3. The First Party holds the right to make changes in terms of, but not limited to, features and contents without earlier notice.

  1. The Second Party is required to have an account in order to use Igetspot app. Any information used in creating and verifying your account is a confidential data. The Second Party should not reveal account information to anyone. If there is any systematic security violation that occurs in your account, the Second Party is expected to notify the First Party. Any loss resulted from inadvertent use of the Second Party shall not be the responsibility of the First Party.

  2. The Second Party is required to provide complete and accurate information when registering to Igetspot and to update it to maintain data accuracy. The Second Party acknowledges that the First Party may keep and use the data for transactional needs (if any) that occur in your account.

  3. The Second Party agrees to never engage in any act of violation and infringement against other users’ account privacy and against Igetspot’s engineering and security system.

  4. The First Party has the rights to take down any harmful and/or fraudulent account on Igetspot.

Data Storage and Protection
  1. Any personal information provided by the Second Party on Igetspot is stored using encrypted database and user preference. Personal data such as e-mail address, phone number, and date of birth are needed for technical administration needs during registration, survey, or other informational request. These personal data are given by the Second Party voluntarily. The Second Party agrees that the data can be utilized by the First Party without any prior permission from the Second Party.

  2. All records of transactions, such as payment check and order confirmation, are stored using encrypted system and only used for cross-checking and security purposes only.

  3. The First Party may disclose, sell, transfer, or exchange the Second Party’s data to other party without formal consent from Second Party.

Intellectual Rights
  1. The Second Party acknowledges that any content inside Igetspot app belongs to the First Party and/or its license owners; it is protected under applicable intellectual property and other laws. The contents include, but not limited to, artistic and editorial content, user interface, digital scripts and software used to carry out the app. Hereby the Second Party may not distribute, modify, sell, rent, or manipulate contents deriving from Igetspot in an unauthorized way. Any violation to this proprietary right may subject to applicable civil and criminal punishment.

  2. The First Party and its license owners has the right to remove, defer, modify, and/or inhibit access to feature, content, or certain aspect of Igetspot without prior notice.

Third-Party and Appaling Contents
  1. The Second Party acknowledges that some of the materials on Igetspot may belong to third parties. These materials may be provided under protection of the First Party, or else provided by Master and/or other users. First Party is not obliged to examine and ensure the accuracy and security of the latter, which may include website links, mobile apps, graphics, or services outside Igetspot’s authority.

  2. The Second Party agrees not to use any third party material in a way that would infringe the rights of First and/or other party. The First Party is not any way responsible for the damage that may occur by using third party material.

  3. The First Party ensures to provide in-house contents and materials for convenient and safe use. Even so, Igespot is a mass, open mobile application that allows other parties to create and publish their own content. Following that, the Second Party may find some inappropriate, offensive, or appalling materials, be it explicit or implicit. The First Party cannot guarantee the content or context applied to this, and Second Party is at personal risk in handling the issue.

In-App Activities
  1. With Igetspot, the Second Party may do activities like leaving comments and reviews, submit ideas, questions, and information, and many others. Second Party is given the rights to do so as long as the submitted content is not defaming other parties’ name, infringing privacy, harmful, fraudulent, or illegal. The First Party also discourages posting any content that involve the use of malware, political campaign, blackmail, or spam.

  2. The Second party is obliged to use only personal account and information and is prohibited to impersonate other person or body and using their data that may further lead to fraudulent or fictional activities within Igetspot. If the Second Party happens to encounter such experience, Second Party is expected to notify the First Party for further investigation and punitive action.

  3. All services and features provided by the First Party through Igetspot is “as it is" and the capability of to make best use of the application is the responsibility of the Second Party.

Disclaimer and Limitations of Liability
  1. The First Party cannot ensure that the use of Igetspot to always run smoothly without any glitch or error caused by indefinite or definite reasons including, but not limited to, hacking and virus.

  2. At some periods of time, it is also possible for the First Party to take down Igetspot from public use without previously noticing the Second Party.

  3. The Second Party may not be able to recover damages, loss, and/or to sue First Party following major damage or intrusion caused by third party, as well as other force majeure such as violation of copyright and terms of use written here.

  4. No employees, affiliates, license owners, directors, and agents of the First Party is accountable for any omission or cost resulted from inadvertent use of Igetspot’s services.

  5. To the extent permitted by law, the First Party may experience delay in performing obligations under this agreement when facing force majeure that is beyond the accountability of First Party.

  1. The First Party reserves the right to make any change or modification to this Terms and Conditions, such as adding new terms and conditions that will be effective immediately under certain circumstance. This may or may not affect Second Party’s use of the application.